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This section of the website, which will grow bigger with time, is for quotes.

In the sidebar tag cloud, is a tag just for quotes – this will give you a list of all the posts tagged with the word ‘Quotes’. Most of the posts, tagged with ‘Quotes’, will be pure quotes and their associated article. The most recent posts, tagged with the word ‘Quotes’, will appear at the top of the list. In the rest of the tag cloud, only some subjects are quotes – each quote will have several other tags, depending on subject and these tags can be shared by other non quote posts.

If you want to search for a specific quote author, please use the site search box, also in the sidebar.

We can learn much from quotes – the wisdom and thoughts of others.

Quotes can make your life easier and even provide ‘shortcuts’ to solutions to issues you are experiencing.

Open yourself, and your life, up to new possibilities with transformational quotes and practical advice!

So that you can get the most benefit and value from the inspiration you will find in these pages I suggest that you:

  • Read the material slowly, thoughtfully and mindfully.
  • Pause and think about what you have read means to you personally.
  • Write down the thoughts and ideas which come to mind.
  • Review what you have written down.
  • Write a summary of your thoughts, ideas and insights, perhaps in a journal.
  • Perhaps print out the material for reading again later.
  • Read it again, perhaps on another day. (A sleep or break in between can help learning).
  • Duplicate the process – reflecting, reviewing and writing.
  • Consider discussing what you have learnt with others.
  • Consider using what you have learnt in ‘reprogramming’ your subconscious.

If you would like to suggest a quote please either use the contact form immediately below, or the comment section at the bottom. Thank you.

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